Eirmersive Industry Mapping Privacy Policy

Project description

Skillnet Ireland has commissioned Eirmersive, the representative body for AR and VR (eirmersive.com) and its chosen research partner, Pivotal EdTech, to carry out research.
The purpose of the project is to gain an understanding of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR / VR – Immersive Technology) sector in Ireland that will be used by Skillnet Ireland to address skill needs and will also be available to be used by suppliers and customers in the sector and by educators, researchers, funders and policy makers.

Data protection Statement


Pivotal EdTech and Eirmersive will conduct an online survey and will gather and process data and information for the production of a report on the Irish Immersive Sector.

All survey information that is gathered will be held private to the project group consisting of Eirmersive and Pivotal EdTech, other than information related to turnover that will be used in aggregate, which will be held private to Pivotal EdTech only.
A list of industry participants will be included in the report. This will include the following basic information:

  • Contact name, Job title, Company.
  • Address.
  • Website.
  • One line description .
  • List of sectors served.

Industry Interviews

Interviews will be used to gather insights and opinions. We will seek to attribute these where appropriate with your permission.
Where you do not give us permission, we will use the information you provide but we will not attribute it to you.

Your Information

We may hold information that you give us in paper or digital records.

The project will use specific digital resources for gathering and holding information during the project: Google Drive, Survey Monkey and permitted recordings on MS Teams or equivalent. The companies providing these tools may store information you give us inside or outside the EU. Information that may be identified with you or your company will not be shared by email.

Pivotal EdTech and Eirmersive have committed to destroy all records of our interactions with companies and other entities within 21 days of acceptance of our final report by Skillnet Ireland and that we will provide a written declaration to Skillnet Ireland confirming destruction of both paper and digital records by anyone involved in the project of all information that they have in their possession.

Permission to Record and Attribute

We would like to record our interview with you to ensure your views are correctly represented and we will ask your permission to record at the beginning of interviews and your permission to share these recordings with Eirmersive members.

We will also ask for your consent to your opinions being attributed to you.

You may withdraw permission from any aspect to be attributed to you, even where you have given general permission for your opinions to be recorded and / or attributed to you.