Virtual Technology -
Real Support

Eirmersive is forging the path for new technology in Ireland by providing community support, advocacy, and knowledge.

Our Vision

Ireland is the hub for best-in-class immersive technologies in Europe. Eirmersive is the voice of the Irish augmented (AR), virtual (VR) and mixed reality (MR) sector as a whole. We create and maintain relationships, explore future collaborations and identify opportunities for growth in this emerging marketplace. We will continue to build Ireland’s reputation as a hub for high quality immersive technologies.


To bring people together to network and share latest findings and work from the XR Industry because we believe we are stronger together

Job Creation

To promote the XR industry in Ireland to help grow the sector and propagate job creation and talent development

Best Practices

To promote best in class XR experiences for all sectors via the formation, adoption and sharing of best practices


To work with government to create funding opportunities for the XR sector in Ireland as well as share international funding and market expansion grant information